We Have a Challenge on Our Hands

A generous Donor is challenging you with an annual year end matching
gift challenge to benefit Friends of Brook Park. They will match
every single donation up to $5,000 through December 31st! This means
we’ll be able to do twice as much – grow twice as many vegetable
seeds, host twice as many school groups, lead twice as many canoe
trips, and impact twice as many families and children in the South

*Your $40 donation becomes $80 which helps buy enough vegetables
seeds for a whole garden, feeding at least a dozen families.

*Your $50 donation becomes $100, which helps build a raised gardening
bed for our Youth Farm.

*Your $250 donation becomes $500 which helps us cover most of the
costs of guiding a canoe trip with 8 canoes for South Bronx youth.

These are just a handful of examples. What your donation really goes
to: a better community, a greener community, a smarter community –
where we can do twice as much.

HERE   to make your gift today and double your impact!