Bronx Kill Canoe Trips continue…

A great time all day with teens from buildOn and then the Harlem River Greenway Guardians. Thanks to Simon Bolivar Foundation, whose team joined us on the water, who helps make this project possible! And the Bronx River Alliance for trailer support! So far we have taken out over 100 people this summer!
Read some of the accounts of the Harlem River Greenway Guardians below:

Today The Greenway Guardians went to Randall’s Island to go canoeing. While we was over there we learned that the Harlem River connects to the Bronx kill. We also learned that the Atlantic Ocean brings in water to the Harlem River. When I was on the canoe with Ambar we saw a Raspberry bush. I was shocked, because I didn’t think there would be a Raspberry bush in New York. Ambar taste the Raspberry and she said it was “tard”, I was going to taste one but mines had a bug on it. We tried to get to the bridge in our canoes but the rapids didn’t allow us to go farther, so we had to turn around. We let the current take us back. Overall, my experience was good. I had fun and I enjoyed it. I learned new things and also felt relaxed. – Catherine Alvarez

Today we went to Randall’s Island. It was really fun on the water with my cool instructor Khali. We even almost tipped completely over on the rapids. It caused a strong current; we went spinning and tipped half way over. It was a cool experience. – Jamal Rivera

Today at Randall’s Island, I had fun. I learned how to paddle a canoe. At first I was scared to go on the water. But, after I tried it I enjoyed it a lot. The current was really strong so e couldn’t go all the way over to our destination which was the bridge. I went on the canoe with Steven; he was interested in learning what C.S.O was so I explained it to him. I would actually like to go back one day. – Lynnell Wiggins

Today was a great day at Randall’s Island. We were canoeing and learning about rivers. I did two things today. I was recording on my first time on water. Then on my second time I went rowing. It was hard t first, because the rapids in the water turned around. But we got through it. Now I see how much water can affect this world. – John Ortiz

Today was my first experience canoeing and boy was it fun. The Greenway Guardians experienced and learned man things at Randall’s Island. I’m always a little afraid of water but this changed my experience and way of thinking. We got to meet many great people. We learned more about our rivers. I learned that nature can be more powerful than us. As we continued to stroll through the river, the current soon became stronger and turned into rapids. We all soon began to enjoy the water even more. – Barbara Prempeh