Tree Giveaway at Brook Park

While winter is still here and many plants and wildlife hibernate in Brook Park, the South Bronx community is always active and preparing for the ever changing of seasons. That includes preparing for a tree giveaway for spring. It will take place on the same day of the annual South Bronx Bike tour.


As part of the MillionTreesNYC initiative, New York Restoration Project (NYRP) will provide 100 free trees. This tree giveaway will take place in spring on Sunday, April 19th at Brook Park and we need YOUR help to find homes for them. Friends of Brook Park and Per Scholas will join efforts to make this possible but we want as many people from the community to participate too. Schools, families and other groups are welcome.


If you’d like to volunteer for this event, please let us know here and mention “Tree Giveaway!” We need both volunteers and tree adopters. You can reserve a tree online approximately two weeks prior to the event. If registration is full, a limited quantity of trees is available on a first-come, first-served basis at the event. So for now, please save the date on your calendars. This is another great opportunity for our community to come together again for an important cause, to see old friends and neighbors and meet new ones.


When: Sunday, April 19th 2015 from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM
Where: Brook Park at East 141st Street and Brook Avenue


Please note that to pick up a free tree, you must agree to the Tree Requirements:


  • To plant in one of the five boroughs.
  • To keep trees properly watered and maintained.
  • NOT to plant your tree along streets, in city parks, in containers, terraces, balconies or on roofs.


Your free tree must be planted in one of the five boroughs but our hope is that the majority of these trees will be planted right here in the South Bronx where they’re needed most, where the highest asthma rates and the least greenery exist. Trees reduce pollution, provide shade on hot summer days, provide habitat for wildlife like songbirds, and they cheer up our concrete jungle.

Brook Park in Hip Hop Video

“Culture Shock” journeys through many sacred places in the Bronx, Borikén (Puerto Rico), Cuba, Guatemala, and Tanzania, Afrika. It celebrates identity and aims to strengthen the unity of the international Hip Hop community.

Intikana and M1 form Dead Prez volunteering at South Bronx CSA 2012



#NativeEyes #Mixtape and workshop materials arriving Fall 2013

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For more info, music & videos, please visit

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“I was…I am…I will be”

On Tuesday, 50 students and staff members worked together to install black and white portraits of ROADS Bronx High School students. “I was…I am…I will be” was the idea that drove the project. This statement encourages reflection and goal setting, connected by the significance of our present day choices. Today can separate us from our past, and propel us toward the futures we want for ourselves.

Our project is the 655th group action of the InsideOut Project, ( a global art movement which encourages participants to make portraits and publically post them to create curiosity, a sense of community, and beauty.

The immediate feedback from neighbors was overwhelmingly positive. One woman said to me, “These are so inspiring hanging up here. You look at (the students) in the eyes and you feel like you can be someone too.” Another person said to me, “I don’t know who these young folks are, but they look like our neighborhood’s next graduates!” The installation from the “inside” took a lot of dedication, energy (it was 90 degrees and sunny!), physical strength, a willingness to get dirty, encouragement, music and laughter. The process and product for the team was meaningful and an opportunity to strengthen our bonds.

More photos here.

Destroyed by Sandy, artwork is back in Bronx

Destroyed by Sandy, artwork is back in Bronx park to comment on Sandy

It was a victim of its own subject matter.
Just days after last October’s opening reception of Columbia Fiero’s latest installation — a nature-themed work meant as a commentary on climate change — Superstorm Sandy tore it apart.
But that which doesn’t kill you makes your art stronger — Fiero’s piece, “Object of Land, Sea, Clouds: Hover on the Line,” is back in Brook Park, rebranded as “Hover on the Line: Climate Chaos.”
A massive willow fell and shattered the original work. This time, Fiero bought tougher materials to withstand strong winds.
“We want to make it more flexible and durable to the climate changes that are more intense then ever,” she said.

Brook Park # 11 on 40 Secret Gardens, Parks And Green Spaces Hidden Across NYC

40 Secret Gardens, Parks And Green Spaces Hidden Across NYC
Friday, June 14, 2013, by Hana R. Alberts

Now that summer is really and truly upon us, we thought we’d explore some of the lesser-known green gems tucked away in far-flung corners of New York City. When everyone you know is spreading an old sheet out on a grassy knoll in Prospect Park or taking their cousin for a stroll along the High Line, a storehouse of under-the-radar spots becomes crucial. From unexpected oases in the atria of office buildings (Ford Foundation, we’re looking at you) to 17th-century farmhouses that still keep piglets in a pen and crops a-growin’ (oh hey, Queens County Farm Museum), there’s a destination for every stripe of flora- and fauna-lover in all five boroughs. Follow our map, and you’ll be trading in that concrete jungle for a real one (well, almost) in no time.

“This is a quirky green space run by a dedicated group of gardeners and avid horticulturalists from the area, who have banded together to form Friends of Brook Park. From a coop with 15 chickens to arts and culture events, the park is a true community gathering place.”

Hugelkultur Project

We got this photo from our friends at East Side House’s
High School for Excellence and Innovation.

Thank you!
brook park group pic.ty

Hugelkultur project

Hugelkultur project

Soil on wood makes a raised garden bed that can support your favorite garden plants all summer without irrigation.Organic Farming & Gardening ‎ While hard to spell, hugelkultur is a simple gardening technique that’s easy to understand and implement.