Mulch Fest 2012

Saturday, January 7
Sunday, January 8, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Bring your holiday tree to Brook Park, where we’ll turn it into mulch for healthy ground cover. Watch your tree go into the chipper and become environment-friendly mulch. Plus, you can take some home for your own yard or garden! Please remove all decorations from the trees.

Help assist people who bring their trees in for recycling by removing ornaments and distributing mulch.

Celebrate Safe Streets

Join Friends of Brook Park,

Council Member Melissa Mark Viverito,

NYC Department of Transportation,

Community Ribbing Cutting for the Speed Bump

Community Board #1 and your neighbors to mark the successful advocacy campaign we led and that our Council Member responded to and implementation of the new

SPEED BUMP ON 140th Street!

Thanks to all who signed our petition of over 500 signatures!
Thanks also to our allies on the block: Casa Atabex Ache, Freedom Community Center and St. Peter’s Church.

The speed bump will help to protect our children and elders crossing the street.
Learn more about traffic calming measures here.

East 140th Street near Brook Avenue, in front of Brook Park
Thursday December 22nd, 2011

Speed Bump event: 1:20PM to 2PM
But come hang out in Brook Park!

Classes that come out can work in the garden too before or after, with a campfire and marshmallows!



Speed Bump Being Installed

Joe Perez, Director of Freedom Community Center, Cedric Loftin, District Manager of Community Board #1, Council Member Melissa Mark Viverito, Dawn Cherry, Friends of Brook Park parent, Diana Ayala of Council Member Viverito's staff. August 2010

Pass this on to all who are interested.
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Time for your Year End Contribution

Friends of Brook Park needs your help.

While we are proud to bring you our environmental programs, we need your support to keep us going. Whether you’ve just met us, known us for a season or our ten plus years, now is a great time to help us out with a generous end-of-year donation. Donate today.

Your contribution is fully tax-deductible and will go directly to offering nature education activities, making New York a greener, healthier place to live.

In the words of a ninth grader:

Today I visited Brook Park and I loved being there feeling the air on my face and tasting nutrients that are fresh and clean and from mother nature herself. Places like this are important because they let people stop and think and breathe in the good nature air and take a step back to what we have to do to keep our planet healthy and clean. Brook Park is called Brook Park because there was/is a body of water under all… that there is right now. What I loved about this experience was that I did a lot of things I never thought I would be able to do. All that was new to me, and I’d love for someone else to have an experience with places like Brook Park.

Make your 2011 tax deductible contribution by December 31!
Donate today!

Click here to read more about our recent accomplishments.

Teens Tend Trees!

On Dec. 3rd, 2011, buildOn teen volunteers performed outstanding tree maintenance work. Meeting at Brook Park for an orientation and tool pick-up, we then dividing into three teams consisting of 5 students and an adult supervisor. Each group attended to a share of the 47 trees in our street tree planting project. We picked up trash, aerated the soil, tightened arbor ties, and planted bulbs at the perimeter of the tree pits. Adult facilitators Kimmy Kunkle, Lille Smallwood, and Carol Zakaluk–thanks for helping! This was just part of the students’ important volunteer work that day.

For more about our Mott Haven Tree Planting project, click here.

Carol Zakaluk is guiding this unique effort. Email Carol