Test Well Drilling progress!

What a HUGE step!
Thanks to the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation and support from Council Member Viverito, gaining data and information to inform the final design of our historic brook restoration initiative. Drilling for test Wells for Brook Restoration

The Brook Restoration project includes planning a wetland system in the Mott Haven neighborhood of the South Bronx with native plantings to support fauna, similar to the natural brook that ran through the park in the late 1800’s. Rainwater harvesting from adjacent buildings will be diverted from the combined-sewer to an above ground cistern for irrigation, and below-grade cisterns used to maintain water levels in the wetland.
Test Well
The study phase of this exciting effort is funded through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) South Bronx Waterfront Partnership funded by Congressman José E. Serrano and managed by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). We welcome your support and ideas as to how to obtain the resources necessary to implement.

We are seeking implementation funding, and you can be a part of it!

See more pics here!

Learn more about this exciting effort here!

Spring Meeting


Friends of Brook Park

Spring Meeting

Potluck dinner in Brook Park Saturday March 26th 10AM

Sábado, 26 del Marzo, 10AM

Quiere ser voluntario y crecer verduras?

Want to become a volunteer and manage a garden bed?

Want to host a children’s party or Bar B Q in the garden?

Get an update about the brook restoration project that will reduce flooding and provide a natural environment?

Have your child’s teachers use the garden?

Show your art?  Meet your neighbors?

To plant and get the key to the garden this year,
you or a friend or family member MUST attend the meeting.
Quiere organizar una fiesta de niños o un Bar BQ en el jardín?

O quiere presentar su arte y encontrar sus vecinos?

Ven al parque para ponerte al día del proyecto que va a restorar el río Brook. Los pozos ya instalados van a alimentar las matas este verano.


MEET AT : Brook Park

140th and 141st Street & Brook Avenue

Avise a los maestros de los recursos que trae el parque para proyectos ambientales.

Para sembrar y tener acceso al parque,
tienes que asistir a la reunión tú, un amigo, o un miembro de tu familia.


Brook Park

140th and 141st Street & Brook Avenue

www.friendsofbrookpark.org   646.648.4362