Old Photo of Brook Park

Here is a great old photo taken from a roof on 140th street. The path you see through the empty lots connects 141st and 140th Streets. The perimeter of the park space is clear to see. The lots were developed, making the park space all the more important and valuable. Click on the photo for a larger version.

It is interesting to see that the spontaneous flow of traffic through the space parallels the flow of the underground brook.

We believe the photo is from Camilo José Vergara and his book “New American Ghetto” 1995.

Mulchfest 2011

Thanks to all who participated, the youth, adults, community and staff of the NYC Parks Department. We recovered over 100 trees!

Thanks especially to the teens from buildOn and Brotherhood and Sister Soul.

Here is a video to pass around!

Click here for pics.

New Year’s Day River Patrol

We started out the new gregorian year with a fun and safe patrol of the Harlem River, Bronx Kill and small part of the East River. It was a warm January 1st, but with the snow still along the banks, especially along the lovely coast of Randall’s Island. On the Bronx side of the Kill we saw a pheasant flying thru this special Nature corridor.

paddling bronx kill in the snow

Also, due to the low tide we were able to see a number of seemingly unofficial pipes discharging from Randall’s Island. In addition, the Con Ed Electric cable that is a navigational obstacle with the right tide has a crumbled foundation. The metal holding it up has rotted entirely.
Rotted foundation of Con Ed cables across Bronx Kill

Please contact NYCDOT and explain that this structure is now an imminent danger and needs to be removed.
Click here to contact the Commissioner.

Harlem RiverWatch, a project of Friends of Brook Park

Mulchfest 2011

Chip in! Mulch your tree! Help NYC grow!

January 8 & 9, 2011
Mulchfest 2010

Bring your holiday tree to a designated city park to be recycled into mulch that will nourish plantings across the city! Remember to remove all lights and ornaments before bringing the tree to a MulchFest site.

List of sites besides Brook Park here.

Better yet, don’t buy a dead tree, and don’t choke it with electric lights powered by fossil fuels!

Check out this video below from previous fun times at Brook Park’s MulchFest.