Art & Music

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Would you like to present your creative work at Brook Park?

Brook Park provides a beautiful outdoor space –for free– to musicians, dancers, filmmakers, playwrights, writers and other artists who want to present their work to an art-hungry South Bronx audience. It’s a great opportunity to audience-test new work, or experiment with the possibilities of performance in a natural setting. (Our Cherry Tree Grove provides a fine setting but there are many other lovely spots in the garden you could use.)A few guidelines: music must be reasonable, we need to protect our plants and structures, the garden must stay open to the general public during your performance. Within those guidelines, though, we encourage you to let your creativity reign.

We also host Illegal Death a performance piece by Bronx based artist Alicia Grullon. Illegal Death is a re-enactment in response to the unresolved deaths of undocumented workers in the Tri-State area.

Art Exhibits

We are also pleased to consider temporary art installations that harmonize with the aesthetic and purpose of the garden and can be secured in our public space. For example, we have hosted the sculpture of Kim Holleman. And exhibited the work of local teens and teachers inspired by French artist, JR’s global “Inside Out” project.

How to Apply

If you are interested in exploring any of these possibilities further, contact us and tell us about your proposed project.