Brook Park Chickens

BRONX CHICKS FILM from Hunts Point on Vimeo.

Gardeners keep chickens all over the city.

Just Food sponsors this effort city-wide. Brook Park hosts a chicken coop with 15 chickens and we recognize that chickens provide fresh eggs, fun and education for children, fertilizer for the garden, aerated soil, kitchen and garden scrap recycling, etc.

Just Food is working with experienced chicken keepers in NYC to create model projects from which gardeners can learn how to keep happy, healthy, and productive chickens. To see a chicken site and to learn more, contact us.

Just Food works with 2 or 3 new community gardens and/or school gardens per year to provide training, materials, and chickens! We became a City Chicken Project partner, our garden is required to have the commitment of the group, the support of the community, and a willingness to teach others about chickens. Like you! photo by Lilly Kesselman Form a chicken “club” at your school and help learn by tending to the chickens! Don’t miss the great article in the News here.