Time for your Year End Contribution

Friends of Brook Park needs your help.

While we are proud to bring you our environmental programs, we need your support to keep us going. Whether you’ve just met us, known us for a season or our ten plus years, now is a great time to help us out with a generous end-of-year donation. Donate today.

Your contribution is fully tax-deductible and will go directly to offering nature education activities, making New York a greener, healthier place to live.

In the words of a ninth grader:

Today I visited Brook Park and I loved being there feeling the air on my face and tasting nutrients that are fresh and clean and from mother nature herself. Places like this are important because they let people stop and think and breathe in the good nature air and take a step back to what we have to do to keep our planet healthy and clean. Brook Park is called Brook Park because there was/is a body of water under all… that there is right now. What I loved about this experience was that I did a lot of things I never thought I would be able to do. All that was new to me, and I’d love for someone else to have an experience with places like Brook Park.

Make your 2011 tax deductible contribution by December 31!
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