Thank you to all our supporters.

This year your support has allowed us to provide outdoor educational opportunities for over 1000 youth from the South Bronx and NYC.


You allow us to educate young people, regardless of need or ability to pay, through our Environmental Education programs.

You enable us to research, document, and organize about  the incredible public space opportunities and cultural history of our waterfront, and prevented any work or any public monies released to Fresh Direct.

You permit us to celebrate and support the many schools and organizations  and the CSA and Farmer’s Market who use Brook Park and make our neighborhood so special.

You make it possible for us to move forward on our initiative to divert 1,000,000 millions of rainwater a year from the sewer system to create a wetland habitat that will replicate the historic brook that ran through our community.

And so much more.

Thank you from Friends of Brook Park team. 

Your support is what makes our work possible.

Here is a great video from our friends at Rebel DIaz Arts Collective for this time of year, it is called “Thankstaking”.

thanks 2