On the Radio Friday 6pm Ban Fracking

Ban Fracking
Friday 6pm

Interested in the issue of fracking?

This Friday Harry Bubbins, Director of Friends of Brook Park will be
on the Radio.

Environmental advocate Haja Worley will be interviewing him on the
Voice of Harlem about this very topic.

WHCR 90.3 fm radio and streaming live from www.whcr.org –

See a relevant intervention here on youtube. –

Learn more about this issue. Among the topics you may not hear

How some groups receive money from the gas industry to
support gas drilling.

How the moratorium actually helps gas companies and lease holders.

That there is legislation in Albany to ban it already introduced and
why all those emails you get about fracking do not mention it.

Friday at 6pm check out WHCR 90.3 fm radio and streaming live from
www.whcr.org –
http://cts.vresp.com/c/?FriendsofBrookPark/cc6ce305db/TEST/7acc7e8d18 .

Learn more on this issue at this important website.

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