Chickens Coming!

We applied.

We captured the attention of the City Chicken Committee of Just Food.

We hosted site visits and went through the City Chicken Committee’s interview process.

As they wrote:

And now, it is our great pleasure to present to you the three groups that have been selected to receive chicken coops this year – all thanks to your generous pledges and outreach and support! (We’re only around $1200 away with 4 days – we know we can do this!) So without further ado, our grantees are:

Brooklyn Rescue Mission Bed-Stuy Farm in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Rescue Mission Inc. is a community-based organization that develops creative solutions to food justice, community health and the economic challenges their community endures on a daily basis. They are looking forward to adding chickens to their existing farm and to making eggs available through their farmers market and food pantry program.

Friends of Brook Park in Mott Haven, Bronx

Brook Park is a Community Garden in the South Bronx which models urban farming and engages hundreds of youth from local and citywide schools in organic gardening. They are looking forward to keeping chickens to enrich their soil, attract new volunteers and gardeners and to sharing this experience and the eggs with the school children they work with and their neighbors in their South Bronx community.

Pleasant Village Community Garden in East Harlem, Manhattan

Pleasant Village Community Garden is a beautiful oasis in East Harlem. The garden serves 35-40 ethnically diverse members ranging in age from 27 – 92. Members care for their own individual plots where they grow vegetables, flowers and herbs, as well as the communal herb, rose, berry and ornamental gardens and apple, pear, and mulberry trees. They are excited about welcoming chickens as a way of enriching their garden’s health and the community experience.

And because we had such great applicants, we’ve identifies a 4th grantee, so if we make it significantly over our fundraising goal, we’ll also be able to work with John Bowne High School in Flushing, Queens.

The John Bowne High School’s Agricultural Program has been recognized nationally as an outstanding urban agricultural education offering. Their graduates go on to agricultural and technical colleges, Cornell University and many out-of-state institutions throughout the northeast before establishing themselves in leadership positions in agricultural professions such as veterinarians, landscape architects, teachers, florists, animal laboratory technicians and other related professionals.

Thank you so much for carrying us this far! We are excited about keeping all of you informed as these projects develop!

Make a donation to the chicken project by clicking here. Just $15 gets you invited to the kick off party!

Thanks to Lily Kesselman from our neighborhood especially for making this happen.