Donate before 2011 & your gift is doubled!


Thank you to all of you who responded to our year end to call. Just a final reminder to give before the end of 2010 for your tax deduction for the year, AND to DOUBLE your gift.

A generous donor, wanted me to remind you that your gift of $5-$5,000 will be doubled before December 31st, so please help today.Lehman College

If you cannot give at this time, please email to your friends with a personal note of your involvement with us.

Every little bit helps!

Visit here to donate online.

Or mail to:

Friends of Brook Park
PO Box 801
Bronx NY 10454

Thanks again for all you do!

Harry J. Bubbins

From a 9th Grader:

“Today I visited Brook Park and I loved being there feeling the air
on my face and tasting nutrients that are fresh and clean and from
mother nature herself.
Places like this are important because they let people stop and think
and breathe in the good nature air and take a step back to what we
have to do to keep our planet healthy and clean.
Brook Park is called Brook Park because there was/is a body of water
under all the construction that there is right now.
What I loved about this experience was that I did alot of things I
never thought I would be able to do. Like handle with logs and
decomposing. Moving concrete around and tasting sugar from a leaf.
(Stevia!) All that was new to me, and I’d love for someone else to
have an experience with places like Brook Park.”

Donate today and your gift is doubled!