Giving Thanks

Dear Friend,

As November comes to an end, cover crops are sown, leaves are raked and our thoughts turn to remembering how this country was founded and the enormous work for social justice in America, at Friends of Brook Park, we’d still like to pause for a moment to reflect on all the reasons we have to be grateful.

Here are just a few:

*We are grateful for the indigenous peoples and cultures, the philosophies and way of life that sustain a possible future on this finite Earth if we listen and act on them.

*We are grateful for our volunteers – educators, parents, organizers and activists – who devote their time and energy to teaching their neighbors to grow food, to eat well, and introducing their children to Nature in the inner city, encouraging free play and those challenging a system of greed and unfairness.

*We are grateful for our supporters – our donors, foundations, elected officials and private sponsors, and others who give so generously of their time and resources to support the mission and work of Friends of Brook Park.

As a nonprofit organization, we are 100% reliant on the generosity of friends and supporters – and with another year of accomplishment coming to a close, we have a lot to be thankful for.

Wishing you a reflective time filled with much to be thankful for and all the locally-grown delights of the season,

Harry J. Bubbins
Executive Director

To learn more about the origins of “Thanksgiving” Look up the 1637 Pequot massacre, or visit here.