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Yes, 2014 has been quite a year so far!

We are building on major goals, including
• Hosting over 1000 students in our gardening programs
• Canoeing with over 200 youth on our local waterways, thanks to a new trailer
• the obstacle to navigation on the Bronx Kill was finally removed
• our waterfront is still safe from FreshDirect
• our brook restoration project should break ground in 2014

And we got to work with dynamic partnerships, like
• buildOn national youth service organization
• South Bronx United soccer and academic club
• NY Botanical Garden’s Bronx Green Up…. and many more.

It’s been great seeing local students flourish, from schools like
• South Bronx Montessorri School
• Heketi School
• International Community High School
• Hostos College
…and many more in our environmental education network!

And to expand our initiatives, including
• mentoring more young adults in our Alternatives to Incarceration, and Summer Youth Employment Program
• proving access to local organic food in our expanding decade old South Bronx CSA
• keeping the Farm in the City with our Greenhouse & Chicken Coop
• hosting a variety of Indigenous Cultural dance, drum and music events
• safe streets rallies with our local Council Member Melissa Mark Viverito

Actively engaging the opportunities ahead is only possible with your support. Please donate today. Help us make sure that Friends of Brook Park can continue to inspire and grow our communities going green. From the Earth to the Water, we educate and advocate and elevate, join us today!

Mail checks to: Friends of Brook Park P.O. Box 801 Bronx, NY 10454
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Friends of Brook Park needs your help.

While we are proud to bring you our environmental programs, we need your support to keep us going. Whether you’ve just met us, known us for a season or our ten plus years, now is a great time to help us out with a generous end-of-year donation. Donate today.

Your contribution is fully tax-deductible and will go directly to offering nature education activities, making New York a greener, healthier place to live.

In the words of a ninth grader:

Today I visited Brook Park and I loved being there feeling the air on my face and tasting nutrients that are fresh and clean and from mother nature herself. Places like this are important because they let people stop and think and breathe in the good nature air and take a step back to what we have to do to keep our planet healthy and clean. Brook Park is called Brook Park because there was/is a body of water under all… that there is right now. What I loved about this experience was that I did a lot of things I never thought I would be able to do. All that was new to me, and I’d love for someone else to have an experience with places like Brook Park.

Your support has helped us:

* Continue to expand a model of urban farming, with hundreds of youth involved in organic gardening with local and city-wide schools and groups like Build On

* Expand our growing area and move forward on the brook restoration project with Gaia Institute and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration

* Advancing a new park on the Harlem River, convening meetings with a Parks Commissioner and two City Council Members

* Restore the shoreline by designing and planting hundreds of native species with NYC Council on the Environment

* Jumpstart the Harlem River Working Group, over fifty stakeholders invested in the long-term enhancement of this vital waterway, with a visit by the Interior Secretary Ken Salazaar this year

* Spearheaded challenges to rezoning and inappropriate infrastructures that would block waterfront access and navigation, winning a commitment from Con Ed to remove cables that prohibit boating on the Bronx Kill

* Hosting many arts and indigenous cultural gatherings uniting a diverse array of people with groups like Vamos La Pena and United Confederation of Taino People, the South Bronx Community Congress, and more

* Engaging in city and state-wide, regional, national and international efforts about Climate Change and to ban fracking

* Packing a public hearing about the future of community gardens, promoting a law to preserve them all

And more!

We know this is a busy time of year, but please take a moment to give right now, knowing that you’ve done your part to support an organization you care about and a cause you believe in.

Support Friends of Brook Park today.

As the year ends, we at FoBP want to thank those of you who have helped us this year with contributions of much-needed funding, volunteer time, and personal support. You sustain us.

To more!

Harry J. Bubbins
Executive Director

P.S. Friends of Brook Park is a 501(c)(3) organization – your donation is deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law. Please remember to make your contribution by December 31 for a 2012 tax deduction.

You can also help by by sharing this appeal with your network of friends and family, on Facebook too. If you have used the garden or the rivers, or just appreciate what we do, please email this letter out with a personal note to your friends and colleagues and families.

Some companies have a matching grant fund, please inquire about that at your place of work.

Thanks again for all you do.

Friends of Brook Park