FoBP Special Guest at Summer Supper Party in Support of People’s Climate Movement NY

People’s Climate Movement New York is proud to announce an impressive roster of Special Guests for this Sunday’sSummer Supper Party!  ByDs8VMIgAAILO2

Join them this Sunday to get up close and personal with some of NYC’s top climate justice leaders working locally, nationally, and internationally with Frontline Communities, Organized Labor, and Arts, building a movement together for a better climate future.

Special Guests Include:

Sean Sweeney.  Sean is the Director of the International Program for Labor, Climate and Environment at the Murphy Center of the City University of New York. He also coordinates Trade Unions for Energy Democracy, a global network of 33 unions from 15 countries who are fighting for social ownership and democratic control of energy resources, generation, infrastructure and options.  He has coordinated global union efforts to challenge climate change.

Rachel Schragis.  Rachel is an artist, cultural organizer and native New Yorker who came to social movement work through involvement in the Domestic Worker Justice movement and Occupy Wall Street. She is deeply committed to lifting up creative leadership around the climate crisis, most recently as the arts coordinator for the People’s Climate March and a founding member of People’s Climate Arts.

Ray Figueroa.  Ray is the President of the NYC Community Garden Coalition which represents over 800 community gardens, has a long community organizing history.  His woth with Friends of Brook Park, in the South Bronx, includes community alternatives to incarceration, creating gardening programs engaging formerly incarcerated people in productive community work. Climate activism is a logical extension of challenging the system to make it work for people not profits.

Elisabeth Peredo Beltran.  Ely is the Executive Director of Fundacion Solon in La Paz, Bolivia, and has led in climate justice efforts in Bolivia and beyond.  Through socially conscious art and natural and social science research Ely has brought attention to the dangers of fracking and the importance of Bolivia to lead in renewable energy.   Ely, a social psychologist, has worked with domestic workers and on gender and race issues and serves on the board of Food and Water Watch. 

We’re excited to see you there!

What: Summer Supper Party in Support of People’s Climate Movement NY

When: This Sunday, June 14th at 7pm

Where:  The home of Nancy Romer and Lew Friedman- 445 6th Street in Brooklyn

– People’s Climate Movement NY