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South Bronx Bike Tour 4-20

April 2, 2013 in Uncategorized by brookpark

Now in its 17th successful year, this innovative event is an example of a sustained partnership between local and city-wide organizations and Friends of Brook Park of the South Bronx.

With South Bronx Unite again this year! We will visit the site they had proposed to put Fresh Direct. We will show where the South Bronx Greenway Randall’s ISland Conector IS STILL NOT COMPLETED.

April 20th, 12:00 pm, Brook Park, E. 141st St & Brook Ave, South Bronx.

This is really a trip on the wild side for a unique view of what is world-renowned as the “South Bronx.” A leisurely tour that includes beautiful natural wonders of the waterfront, community gardens and art, and historic places. See the fresh cherry blossoms!

On this trip participants of all ages are made aware through actual site visits of polluting fossil fuel power plants and gargantuan waste transfer facilities that litter our rivers’ shores. Alternatives to the existing government policies are brought to everyone’s attention, with post-ride action steps including promoting demonstrations, letter writing, and email campaigns.

Identifying a new bike path to Randall's Island many years ago and the Greenway is still not completed!

Time’s Up! provided critical outreach and promotion for this ride and early support has led to significant growth in attendance as well as continued support and involvement with the important efforts of Friends of Brook Park by ride participants. FoBP offers a video for further information about local organizing campaigns against pollution and unjust land-use siting issues.

Ride returns to the park.

Email us to co-sponsor this fun event.

Where the Greenway Connector should be completed by now.


South Bronx Hawk Cam

April 18, 2012 in Uncategorized by brookpark

Live streaming by Ustream

Danny Chervoni with rescued hawk 2010 and Acait Ramirez, photo by Geoffrey Croft

Media Advisory, Wednesday April 18, 2012

South Bronx Hawk Cam Goes Live


BronxWorks: Carolyn McLaughlin, Executive Director 646-393-4018
Philip Schmidt, Communications Director, Congressman José E. Serrano (NY-16), (202) 225-4361
Friends of Brook Park Harry J. Bubbins, Director, 646-648-4362

Community organizations in the South Bronx announce the exciting live streaming of Red Tail Hawks Nesting

The South Bronx, N.Y. – A new nest camera in an undisclosed location in the South Bronx is streaming up-close, high-definition views of a Red-tailed Hawk nest  thanks to a partnership of local organizations.

The new video stream puts viewers seven stories off the ground and right beside the nest, where they can watch the hawks arrive, see them taking turns feeding the recent hatchlings the eggs, and compare notes on the birds.

The Female, who delivered three eggs has not been named yet. Visitors to the “BirdCam” site can vote on what to call all the hawks.

To watch, go to:

BronxWorks Executive Director Carolyn Executive Director said, “BronxWorks is thrilled to host this nest of three wonderful red tailed hawk chicks. We salute the Bronx groups who have worked over the years to heighten the environmental awareness of the people of the Bronx and to make the Bronx more environmental friendly.”

“I was so pleased to hear that yet another family of wild creatures has taken up residence in the Bronx,” said Congressman José E. Serrano who represents the area and has been known as a vocal supporter of environmental initiatives, and even has a beaver in the Bronx River named after him to recognize his support for its revitalization. “It seems that all the new green spaces we’ve created over the years are attractive to humans and wildlife. I look forward to checking in on the nest on the HawkCam, and watching them grow and thrive.”

It is believed that these are the same two parents that have nested young here for at least the past three years.

On the weekend of the 14th of April the first eggs hatched. The last of the three hatched this morning it is believed. (The typical clutch size for Red-tailed hawks is two to three eggs.) It has been about four weeks since the eggs were laid.

The nest should be active for at least the next two months.

To make sure no one misses a moment of the early stages of this Red-tailed Hawk story, BronxWorks and Friends of Brook Park created a temporary BirdCam website for the world to watch these magnificent birds.

Friends of Brook Park are no strangers to the local raptors. Their team was credited with rescuing a Red Tail Hawk in 2010 that was later released in Central Park.
See here for that story:

Daniel Chervoni, Head Gardener with Friends of Brook Park and avid Bird Watcher often walking around the neighborhood with his binoculars and camera said, “We are always trying to help restore Nature around here. This shows you why we need to preserve all the community gardens we have now, and create more open space, especially on our waterfront.”

Candido Nieves, a local resident and volunteer with Friends of Brook Park who also helped rescue the hawk in 2010 said,”I am so happy to see our hawks coming back again. I hope some of the local schools will use this as a resource in their classroom to inspire the next generation to protect the environment.”

More on BronxWorks here:
BronxWorks helps individuals and families improve their economic and social well-being. From toddlers to seniors, we feed, shelter, teach, and support our neighbors to build a stronger community.

More on Friends of Brook Park here:
Friends of Brook Park is a leading environmental organization in the South Bronx, working to cultivate community gardens and food justice, and for the revitalization of our waterfront with green jobs and public access.

Congress Member Serrano of the 16th District:


FoBP Receives Environmental Justice Award

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On the sunny Saturday of March 24, PSCers and a Board of Director member gathered at Brook Park in the South Bronx to give out the second annual Environmental Justice Award. This year’s winner is Harry Bubbins, Director of Friends of Brook Park ( Bubbins and the crew of neighbors and friends have made a garden haven in ‘asthma alley’.

PSCers with Haryy Bubbins and FoBP Board Member Mukaro Borrero also of the United Confederation of Taino People

March 24 was a work day for friends and neighbors to plant trees and prepare their vegetable plots. The group also does outreach programs with youth taking them kayaking in the Bronx Kill and actively learning about and cleaning up the waters in the South Bronx. Bubbins helps coordinate the Fresh Direct campaign. The campaign’s goal is to stop Fresh Direct from having their truck loading station in the area.

The PSC Environmental Health and Safety Watchdogs are committed to expanding environmental justice projects around CUNY. If you are interested in working with us please contact us at:


Rally: No Incinerators in NYC

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What: Rally to oppose the Bloomberg Administration’s plan for Incinerators in NYC

When: Monday, April 9th, 10 am

Where: NYC Economic Development Corporation (EDC)
110 William Street (between Fulton and John Streets)

Why: The Bloomberg Administration will meet with companies seeking contracts to build “thermal waste-to-energy” facilities at 10 am Monday. Thermal “waste-to-energy” (WTE) facilities rely on incineration-based technologies, are regulated as incinerators by the U.S.E.P.A. and are likely to be sited in environmentally overburdened low income and communities of color or historically overburdened communities like Staten Island’s Fresh Kills.

“Many dedicated community leaders fought to shut down a waste incinerator in the South Bronx years ago. We have waterfront aspirations that include economic generating activity, green open space and on water programming. We are not the dumping ground for the City anymore. We do not want the pollution from 2,000 trucks as the Mayor has proposed with relocating Fresh Direct here, and we certainly will not host this spurious experimental incineration technology that has no large scale commercial facilities operating anywhere in the country.” said Harry Bubbins, Director for Friends of Brook Park, a South Bronx environmental organization.

For more information on this issue see:

Sign on letter of dozens of organizations, including Friends of Brook Park

Article with more background.

WTE RFP flyer 4.6.12[2]