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Action Alert – Tell Mayor de Blasio to Stop FreshDirect Email/Call/Tweet

July 21, 2014 in brook park by brookpark

This is one of the most important actions we have done so far.

We need all of our friends and allies to help us send a clear message to our new Mayor to STOP this (now) $140 million proposed subsidy to FreshDirect, an anti-immigrant, anti-union, non-living wage employer that seeks to add thousands of diesel truck trips to South Bronx “asthma alley” every day.

Please take five minutes today to click this link — to send an email, make a phone call and tweet a message to Bill de Blasio and his team that they have the power to stop this. Together we can win this, and the South Bronx community deserves a win!

Click Here –

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For two and a half years, together we prevented (then) Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Cuomo from giving FreshDirect a single dollar of a (then) promised $127 million subsidy to move its trucking operation to a South Bronx waterfront flood zone, bringing 1,000 daily diesel truck trips through an overburdened community already plagued with asthma rates 8 times the national average.  In 2013, we voted a progressive administration into office to change the tale of two cities and reverse course on decades of double standards and hazardous dumping on the South Bronx.  We have patiently waited more than six months for our newly elected leaders to deliver on their campaign promises, but our community’s health can no longer afford to be a back burner issue.  So today, we are asking all of you and everyone you know to call, email, tweet and facebook the Mayor and tell him to stop the FreshDirect deal.  Ask him to back his campaign for change with action!

EMAIL Mayor de Blasio & Team (gmail, hotmail, yahoo users)
EMAIL Mayor de Blasio & Team (outlook users)
CALL Mayor de Blasio via his Dir. of Intergovernmental Affairs Emma Wolfe at 212.788.2162 and/or via his Director of City Legislative Affairs Jon Paul Lupo at 212.788.2971


“Mr. de Blasio railed against the city’s economic development subsidies, singling out a $130 million tax break for FreshDirect to support creating low wage jobs – a deal he called a ‘mistake.’” -Crains

“Fresh Direct would never have gotten more than $100 million in government subsidies to stay in New York City if he ran City Hall, Bill de Blasio said.” –NYP

“The FreshDirect deal – giving away $130 million in taxpayer money to support low-wage jobs, all in response to the company’s empty threats — was a mistake.  And it’s a symbol of how upside down our economic policies have been.  By reforming New York’s incentive programs, we will free up resources to support entire industries and small businesses in all five boroughs – and begin to reinvest in real pathways to economic opportunity…”  -Speech as Public Advocate

Also remind Mayor de Blasio that the FreshDirect project has changed in size and scope as well as in amount and type of subsidies. Allowing FreshDirect to receive an undemocratic gift of (now) nearly $140 million in subsidies to move its trucking operation to a waterfront flood zone in the South Bronx would mean: 

  • 1,000+ additional truck trips every day through South Bronx “asthma alley” where the community already suffers asthma hospitalization rates 21 times higher than other NYC neighborhoods
  • Allowing a company to rely on a 21 year old environmental impact statement to build in a community globally known for environmental injustice and despite a well-documented asthma epidemic linked to the diesel truck-intensive industries and highways saturating and surrounding the South Bronx
  • No living wage requirements attached to one of the largest corporate subsidies to be given in NYC history.
  • Rewarding an anti-union, anti-immigrant employer that is not right for the South Bronx, with a record of discriminatory and unfair labor practices and a lawsuit by workers against the company for $50+ million in unpaid tips and overtime.
  • Perpetuating back room deals with no community input.
  • Subsidizing a business model that parks diesel truck refrigerated warehouses on city streets for 14 hours a day that act as grocery depots across the city, especially in UES, UWS and Tribeca (instead of paying taxes like all other brick and mortar grocers.)



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Orchard Beach Lagoon Trip

July 21, 2014 in brook park by brookpark

After a bike ride to the Orchard Beach Lagoon we helped over 45 people of all ages to experience the Orchard Beach Lagoon. A lovely safe and bucolic paddle for free, followed by a walk to the beach. Thanks to all the local crew who helped us tow the trailer, and provided food and drink for the children and teens!


Green Team featured in TEDMed Video

July 18, 2014 in brook park by brookpark

“I Was Just Thinking Too Small”

Featuring our Green Team from International Community High School on Brook Avenue in the Bronx.


An artistic collaboration between TEDMED and Imagine Science Films. Together, they have challenged nine young, independent filmmakers to let their imaginations run wild as they created their own unique, artistic interpretations of the nine session themes for our 2014 stage program. This session encourages us to step back and see the full picture, realizing that a narrow focus can be as limiting as it is productive.


Get a Farm Share this Summer!

July 13, 2014 in brook park by brookpark



The 2014 South Bronx CSA is going strong!

And better than ever!
Now in its 12th year! 2014!

Join here.

You can pay all season, OR week to week!

THE SOUTH BRONX CSA is a community-driven initiative that brings the people of the community together to build the necessary resources and infrastructure to continue to transform the South Bronx into an accessible and affordable food oasis. Our mission is to create affordable access to locally and organically grown vegetables for everyone in the South Bronx and beyond. Join today!